What are Angels?

The word angel comes from the Greek word aggelos, meaning messenger. They are holy, created beings or spirits. They were created to serve God and do his bidding. There are many angels, who never die and can take the form of a human when they wish. They work with and aid us as ministering spirits.

What Angels do not do!

Angels do not predict the future. You are the master of your own future. You may be beset by various challenges and your choices and your reaction to those challenges is a private and personal choice. An example of this – you are driving a car and a small animal runs out in front of you. You have at least three choices to make – continue on and hope for the best, jam on your brakes and hope no one hits you from behind, or swerve radically to avoid the animal while trying to maintain control. Angels are not omniscient – they do not know what choice you would make. Don’t be fooled into believing they can predict. It is a false path.

Angels are not omnipresent – don’t be fooled into thinking that a specific archangel is sitting around waiting to help you with your issues. The angels are very busy serving God and doing his bidding. Angels do not offer up their essence for us to use on a whim. They are not on demand!

Unless holy intercession is given, Spiritual laws prohibit Angels from helping us unless we ask them to do so.

What Angels Do!

When I perform an angel card reading, I am connecting to the angelic spirits that are with you and are familiar with your life. They answer questions that they feel you need to have answered and often reveal things that you many not have been aware of at the time. It is such a comfort to know that the information they give me to tell you is accurately given with love and concern. Though human advice is flawed, angelic advice is divine, correct and in your best interest.